Times That Prove People’s Principles – Civil War in Georgia


Edited by MILLS LANE
(Book Four) Speeches, newspaper reports, and personal accounts of life in Georgia during the Civil War.
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  • xxii + 276 pages, frontispiece


Five years of life in Georgia during the Civil War are described with first-person excitement in this collection of some thirty documents, or groups of shorter documents. Among the highlights of this volume: Governor Joseph E. Brown exhorts the people of Georgia to arm themselves against Northern “aggression”; a newspaper reporter describes the “Great Railroad Chase,” in which a band of Northern “spies” stole a locomotive in northern Georgia; Dr. Joseph Jones views the horrors of Andersonville prison, where so many Northern soldiers died; citizens in Rome, Marietta, Atlanta and Covington describe the devastation of Sherman’s march; and Alexander H. Stephens, Vice President of the Confederate States, recalls his arrest and imprisonment.

Book Four in the Documentary History of Georgia series.

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B.W. Froebel, Joseph E. Johnston, Andrew Johnson, John B. Hood


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