Georgia, History Written by Those who Lived it


Edited by MILLS LANE
Hard Cover
isbn 0-88322-020-2

Firsthand accounts of historical Georgia, selected from Beehive's six-volume documentary history.
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  • 367 pages, frontipiece


This is a firsthand history recorded in the letters, journals and other scribblings of the colonists, soldiers, settlers, Indian missionaries, travellers, planters, slaves, tycoons, sharecroppers, demagogues and idealists who made Georgia. Some forty documents, or groups of documents, have been selected from Beehive’s six-volume documentary history of Georgia, plus a few new discoveries. These fascinating glimpses of real life remind us that history is “his story,” the experience of people like us. This handsome book makes an ideal companion to The People of Georgia and Architecture of the Old South by the same author.

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