Awards & Press

Southern Books Competition.  5 Beehive Press books garner awards.

Georgia Governor’s Award in the Arts

Dartmouth College salutes Mills Lane and The Beehive Press:
“Exploring the history of the Old South, Mills Lane opens before us experience after experience of the land and the people.  Narratives of early voyagers, colonists, travelers and planters, accounts of the southern frontier, descriptions of plantation life, voices from the Civil War, memories of slavery, a state-by-state discovery of architecture:  these views and more, including Lane’s profusely illustrated The People of Georgia, come to us in the books of his Beehive Press.  The Dartmouth College Library salutes his clear vision, patient scholarly investigation, and persistent progress.  The achievement of the Press is a small library of notable texts, lucidly and handsomely presented.  All history is local, Mills Lane affirms;  examined in depth, it becomes universal.”

The Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America presents the Arthur Ross Award in publishing to The Beehive Press:
“For books devoted to the Classical South, with special recognition for Mills Lane, author and editor.”