John Abbot’s Birds of Georgia


Introduction and Commentary by VIVIAN ROGERS-PRICE
hard cover
isbn 0-88322-040-7

Selected drawings by early artist-naturalist John Abbot, presented in full color and size.
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  • frontispiece and 25 color illustrations


For more than sixty years, from the Revolution till his death about 1840, the English-born John Abbot explored southeastern Georgia, collecting specimens and making delicate drawings that he sent to European collectors. Sustained by the joy of his work and the approval of a few connoisseurs, Abbot helped other naturalists achieve fame using his work and never sought publication for himself. Amazingly, this selection of his watercolors from the Houghton Library at Harvard University is the first publication in book form of any of his bird drawings. These are reproduced in full color and full size, with a lengthy historical introduction, scholarly notes and a catalogue of known Abbot drawings.

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