Georgia Scenes


introduction by RICHARD HARWELL
isbn 0-88322-004-0

Early American folk humor, from drunken brawls to greasy gander-pulling.
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  • xx + 252 pages
  • 12 illustrations


What made people laugh in 1835? Georgia Scenes is a pioneering experiment of American folk humor, a document of Southern social history and an evocative portrait of frontier Georgia life. The author, taking the self-conscious risk of writing for posterity, preserved vivid scenes of drunken fights in forest clearings, frolics in isolated log cabins, clumsy shooting competitions between braggart settlers, a fox hunt on an uncooperative steed, the grim sport of a greasy gander-pulling. This is the only modern edition of Georgia Scenes to be based on the book as it was first published in 1835 at Augusta, Georgia, with the special spice of the original eccentric spelling and punctuation. The book is decorated with twelve illustrations from the New York edition of 1840.

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