Pleasure and Pain


introduction by FELICITY CALHOUN
isbn 0-88322-006-7

A New England schoolmarm’s conflicting emotions about life in the frontier South.
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  • xiii + 100 pages, frontispiece


This description of people and places, adventures and discoveries was written by a New England schoolmarm who spent the 1840’s in Georgia. With charm, sentiment, affection and delightful details, she tells about life in Savannah, tours to several plantations, various aspects of slavery, poor whites in the countryside and a camp-meeting in the woods. She loves the South and its people, but she is surprised to find Georgia still a frontier and she is troubled by slavery. Thus, she leaves Georgia at last with “mingled emotions of pleasure and pain.”

Pleasure and Pain, Emily Burke, Georgia, reminiscences, Savannah, plantation life, plantations, slavery, camp meetings, Southern social history, Georgia history, American history. The South, Old South, frontier, Felicity Calhoun, crackers, Georgia crackers, Southern history, African American History


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