General Oglethorpe’s Georgia – Colonial Letters 1733-1743


Edited by MILLS LANE

Early letters from Oglethorpe and other colonists discuss controversies, daily colonial life and the occasional cattle-rustler.
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  • Two volumes, xxxvi + 674 pages


There were gossips, horse-stealers, cattle-rustlers, jail-breakers, counterfeiters and murderers among Georgia’s first colonists. These volumes are a personal history of the first decade of Georgia between 1733, when Oglethorpe came to America, and 1743, when he returned to England. The letters, written by Oglethorpe himself as well as by nearly anonymous colonists, discuss grand strategies, public controversies and the problems of daily living. These letters have been selected principally from the Egmont Papers at the University of Georgia Library, Athens, a unique assemblage of contemporary copies of letters made for the President of the Trustees who established the colony.

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