“Buildings are three-dimensional history books that reflect the comings and goings, successes and failures, aspirations and follies of real people.” – Mills Lane

Ten handsome books that survey the historic buildings of Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky & Tennessee, the Carolinas, Georgia, Mississippi & Alabama, and Louisiana. Two large volumes survey the entire region by style and period. Written by Mills Lane with special photography by Van Jones Martin, each book contains 200-350 pages and 235-450 illustrations, photographs new and old, historic prints, drawings and plans. Survey volumes $75.00; individual states $65.

The Author

Born in Georgia and educated at Harvard College, Mills Bee Lane IV founded the Beehive Press in 1970, when he was 28 years old. He wrote or edited nearly 60 books about Southern cultural and social history. His chief scholarly work, Architecture of the Old South, is a monumental 10-volume series that studies historic buildings in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama, and Louisiana. Lane was also an authority on the history of the building arts in Savannah, his ancestral home. A champion of that port city’s unique town plan, he saved and restored many important 19th-century buildings within its National Historic Landmark District.