God’s Little Acre


Hard Cover
isbn 0-88322-024-5

The heartrending 1933 novel by Erskine Caldwell about a failing farmer and his friends and family.
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  • xi + 212 pages
  • 20 illustrations

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God’s Little Acre, first published in 1933, is the story of trouble-making and love-making between the friends and family of Ty Ty Walden, a farmer, and Will Thompson, a cotton mill worker. Ty Ty tells his friend Pluto: “I set aside an acre of my farm for God twenty-seven years ago and every year I give the church all that comes off that acre of ground.” But Ty Ty, having failed at farming and sinking into debt, now spends his time digging for gold on his land, while black sharecroppers try to raise a little cotton and a few hogs. Asked what he raises on God’s little acre, symbol of his hope and disappointment, Ty Ty admits: “Nothing but beggar-lice and cockle-burs. I just had to let God’s little acre lie fallow.” The novel has been illustrated with evocative documentary photographs from the Farm Security Administration.

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