Free Joe


introduction by JOHN TUMLIN
Hard Cover
isbn 0-88322-012-1

Joel Chandler Harris's collection of “serious” stories focusing on the complex relationships between blacks and whites in slavery and freedom.

  • xxviii 232 pages, frontipiece

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Although Joel Chandler Harris will always be best known as the creator of Uncle Remus, he also wrote “serious” literature. This volume contains sixteen stories which focus on the complex relationships of love, hate and fear between blacks and whites in Georgia throughout the nineteenth century. The expected tributes to the Old South are here–the pleasant, slow-paced life on the plantation, the proud old family ruined by war, freedmen who remain faithful to their former masters. But there are also disturbing elements of objectivity, harsh reality and even brutality in these stories, which reflect the author’s conflicting emotions about the relationships between blacks and whites in slavery and freedom.

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