Dear Mother – Don’t grieve about me. If I get killed, I’ll only be dead.


Edited by MILLS LANE
isbn 0-88322-009-1

Letters, drawings and other personal accounts describing life as a confederate soldier.
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  • xxxiv + 356 pages
  • 356 pages

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Some 125,000 Georgians fought in the Civil War. This book, containing nearly 300 letters and many drawings, prints and photographs, tells the personal story of these men and also chronicles the history of the Civil War in dramatic, intimate detail. The soldiers tell why they volunteered to risk their lives, what it was like to face death in battle. They express the aspirations, pride, patriotism, fear and despair of a newborn, stillborn country. The letters have been selected from several thousand documents at seven major libraries in the South, most notably the Georgia State Archives at Atlanta.

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