• Neither More Nor Less Than Men: Slavery in Georgia

Neither More Nor Less Than Men – Slavery in Georgia


Edited by MILLS LANE

(Book Three) Firsthand descriptions of slavery, from the words of fugitive slaves to plantation manuals on slave management.
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  • xlix + 248 pages, frontispiece


Slavery was a complex institution that existed in many different places, at many different times. There will never be a final and complete portrait. The present volume collects some thirty documents, or groups of documents, that present the Southern “plantation ideal” recorded in manuals of slave management and pro-slavery tracts, several visitors to the coastal Georgia estates of the great planter James Hamilton Couper, the plain realities of less glamorous plantations revealed in letters from overseers and the dark side of slavery in the words of fugitive slaves.

Book Three in the Documentary History of Georgia series.

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